Meet the team

Meet the team

Meet the team

The CHECS board

Despite its highly-regarded status in the cattle world, CHECS operates on minimal budgets with the administrator and auditor contracted part-time, and the executive officer receiving an honorarium. However, CHECS is fortunate to access considerable expert input from a range of specialists on a voluntary basis.  This includes representatives from the three owner organisations (BCVA, NBA and Holstein UK), an independent chairman, an independent scientific advisor, two independent vets, dairy and beef farmer representatives and a representative from the Pedigree Breeders Group. 

CHECS Directors

CHECS Technical Group

This group is chaired by Keith Cutler (CHECS Veterinary Director) and involves representatives with technical expertise from all the CHECS licensed Health Schemes plus some additional independent expertise from APHA and Animal Health Ireland. The CHECS Technical Group meets annually to review the standards contained within the CHECS Technical Document, edited by Hilary Burgess (Shetland Islands Council and vet).

Contacting CHECS

CHECS does not have serviced offices so if you contact the organisation you may not receive an instant reply. Part-time resources consist of administration carried out by Charlotte Bullock and day-to-day management by Tim Brigstocke, Executive Director of CHECS. CHECS aims to respond to queries via email or post as promptly as it can.

CHECS Farm Audits

Random farm visits are carried out by a small team, led by Donald Gilder. The purpose of these visits is to look at how well farms and their herd vets are adhering to the requirements laid down by their health scheme, which in turn should follow the standards set out by CHeCS.

See more of CHECS guidance on auditing.