The Cattle Information Service (CIS)

The Cattle Information Service (CIS)

The Cattle Information Service (CIS)

The Cattle Information Service 

CIS Johnes Monitoring Service, 
Speir House, 
Stafford Park One, 

Tel: +44(0) 1923 695319 
Fax: +44(0) 1923 695339 

CIS offers a range of services providing data to make informed decisions about current and future herd performance. CIS is the largest-growing milk-recording organisation in the UK. The business has been built on cost effectiveness, a fast turnaround and an award-winning website providing instant, easy-to-use results.  Its Health Testing service is offered without contracts, keeping it simple to use and access results via a secure online portal or app.

CIS operates two CHECS approved schemes for monitoring Johne’s Disease only. Using routine milk recording samples, the whole milking herd is Johne’s tested on a quarterly basis. There is vet support to oversee results and comment against the herd or individual animals.  Customers access results through CIS ‘YourHerd’ Management Website on the Health Test Analysis page.

CIS also sends out sample kits to farms each quarter enabling the farmer to collect a bulk milk tank sample, which is then tested for antibody IBR, BVD, Leptospirosis and Johne’s Disease. Results are then reported back to the farmer through ‘YourHerd’ in the HerdCare Graph along with the vet’s comments regarding each disease.

  • CIS usually takes no longer than 7 days to process samples.
  • All results are reviewed by an independent veterinary advisor each quarter and reported to farmers.
  • Barcoded vials are provided to farmers.