Shetland Animal Health Scheme (SAHS)

Shetland Animal Health Scheme (SAHS)

Shetland Animal Health Scheme (SAHS)

Shetland Animal Health Scheme 

Environmental Health & Trading Standards, 
Shetland Islands Council, 
Old Anderson High School, 
Lovers Loan, 

Tel: +44 (0)1595 745250 
Fax: +44 (0)1595 744802 

The Shetland Animal Health Scheme focuses on protecting and enhancing the health status of cattle and sheep on Shetland and tackles a wide variety of diseases. The scheme is open to all keepers of sheep and cattle on Shetland. 

All cattle entering Shetland are tested on the pier for BVD and are then isolated on farm until their results are received. Depending upon their result, a longer period of isolation and a re-test may be necessary. Importing pregnant cattle is not advised but if this happens then strict biosecurity around calving is essential and an ear tag test may be needed to test the newborn calf. All cattle herds are screened every year for BVD. Abortions and stillbirths are also tested for BVD. This routine screening maintains Shetland’s BVD accredited status.

Adult cattle are tested annually for Johne’s and each herd also draws up a herd health plan with their vet to set out biosecurity measures and management changes to control the disease. All imported cattle are tested for Johne’s on the Lerwick pier as soon as they arrive in Shetland and must be isolated on farm until their blood/faecal test results are received.

The SAHS is funded by Shetland Islands Council under Commission Regulation (EU) No. 702/2014, Article 26 (Aid for the costs of the prevention, control and eradication of animal diseases and plant pests and aid to make good the damage caused by animal diseases or plant pests.)